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6amtech’s 23 Scripts
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The Evolution of The ePharmacy Market in India

ePharmacy Market in India

Over the last decade, the e-Pharmacy market in India has been on the rise, with the noble aim of providing quality healthcare to every Indian citizen. Although the sector seems highly unexplored and there’s a lot of growth potential for pharma startups in India – the current market share of the existing pharmacy apps reflects … Read more

eCommerce Development Solutions Guideline with Cost  

6amMart ecommerce development solutions

Remember the pandemic period? An approximate number of 14,498 startups were recognized by the government in India alone during 2020!  Seeing all the success my neighbor also started her business back then that only survived for 3 years. The problem? Well, she was not getting the expected ROI as opposed to the eCommerce development solutions … Read more