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6amMart FAQs

Find out what people frequently ask about 6amMart.

1. What is 6amMart?

6amMart is a Multi Vendor and Multi Purpose eCommerce Software with Apps that allow you to run and manage many eCommerce businesses at the same time. 

Of course, you can. Check out our customization services & discuss your requirements with us.

Once you purchase 6amMart, you’ll get lifetime FREE updates! You’ll get automatic notifications from CodeCanyon when we update 6amMart. Download the latest version from the CodeCanyon dashboard and upload it to the system update of 6amMart. 

Yes, you can. Please note: You can only purchase one license at a time for one client. If you want to serve multiple clients, you must purchase multiple licenses. 

1. Which 6amMart license should I choose?

Currently, two licenses are available for 6amMart in CodeCanyon- regular & extended licenses. You can visit our pricing to learn more about the differences between them. 

Sure! You can explore our installation page & choose the installation service that suits your needs. 

Yes. Find the detailed documentation of 6amMart here.

There are no limitations. You can integrate unlimited language & payment methods as per your choice.

1. How to reach your support?

To contact our support team, please create a ticket here

No. Our support is completely FREE of cost. 

We do. Please read our support policy here.

Yes. We provide 6 months of technical support per CodeCanyon's support policy

No. If you want to use multiple domains, you must purchase multiple licenses. 

To get multiple licenses, you need to purchase 6amMart multiple times from CodeCanyon. 

There are no limitations. You can integrate unlimited language & payment methods as per your choice.

1. Can I change my installation plan?

Please contact our support team if you need to adjust your installation plan. 

Please visit our installation page & learn which package you need for installation.

We do. Read our refund policy here. 

1. Why do I automatically get logged out when I test the 6amMart demo?

Our demo database resets itself automatically every 1-hour interval. That’s why you’re facing this issue. Please log in again using the demo credentials. 

Pagination settings are where the admin determines how many elements will be available on a single page. For example, on the product category page, the admin wants to see 10 products on a single page. If there are more than 10 products, others will automatically be displayed on the 2nd page.  

Product categories serve as a high-level grouping and navigation structure for arranging products, whilst attributes provide particular features and traits that distinguish and describe individual products inside those categories. 

ReCaptcha is an important security measure to protect websites and online platforms from automated bots and spam.

Both React and Flutter website features the same functionalities of 6amMart. However, React website is more modern, beautiful and faster than the Flutter website.

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