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Unlock seamless and centralized management of your multiple businesses with 6amMart's awesome deliverables, ensuring hassle-free eCommerce operations.


Solution-wise Features of 6amMart

Meet the dynamic features that make 6amMart the best multi business eCommerce solution. Each feature is designed to help you manage your business with ease.

Business Module

The admin has the capability to change business modules, such as Grocery, Pharmacy, Food, Shop, parcel, etc., from the admin panel. He can also add new business modules here.

Campaign Management

The admin can create module-specific campaigns, including store and item-based campaigns. It provides flexibility in reaching the intended audience, enhancing marketing effectiveness.

Impactful Coupons

In 6amMart admin panel, various coupons can be offered, such as store-specific, zone-specific, and first-order coupons. Enables targeted promotions, discounts, and effective marketing.

Dispatch Management

The admin can access reports and track live locations of all deliverymen, ensuring efficient delivery all the time.

Employee Management

Using the employee management feature, the admin can set employee roles, add new employees, and perform other tasks, facilitating efficient organization and administration of the employees.

Live Chat

Using this feature, admin can offer real-time support to all users in the system. It enables quick support, handles queries and ensures faster solutions to everyone, thus improving user satisfaction.

Module-wise Dashboard

In 6amMart, each module is equipped with its own dedicated dashboard. They provide real-time business insights, enabling effective monitoring and informed decision-making across the system.

POS Section

With a versatile Point of Sale (POS) feature of 6amMart, the admin can efficiently manage transactions and handle billing operations, such as generating invoices and processing payments.

Refund Settings

With a versatile Point of Sale (POS) feature of 6amMart, the admin can efficiently manage transactions and handle billing operations, such as generating invoices and processing payments.

Reports & Analytics

The admin can access various reports and analytics that provide module-based insights, such as Transection Report, Item Report, Store Wise Report, Expense Report, Limited Stock Item, Order Report, and etc.

3rd Party APIs

The admin has the ability to easily add third-party API keys, such as payment methods, SMS module, mail config, map, social logins, and Recaptcha.

Store Management

This feature empowers the admin to create new stores and manage other stores in the system. It includes approving or denying requests from self-registered stores and managing new and existing stores.

Zone Setup

The admin can establish new business zones, integrate multiple modules, and configure various payment methods, inside the Zone Setup section. 


Customers have the opportunity to purchase products at discounted prices by using amazing coupons and special discounts. It ensures they get great value for their money, thus enhancing satisfaction.

Light & Dark

The 6amMart customer app provides the option to switch between light and dark modes, allowing users to choose their preferred visual theme for a more comfortable viewing experience.

Live Chat

In the customer app, users can communicate in real-time conversations with sellers and deliverymen. It allows quick and convenient communication for any inquiries or assistance needed.

Multiple Languages

Users can easily select their preferred native language from a wide range of options, such as Urdu, Hebrew, Arabic, and more. It ensures a simple and personalized user experience across the system.

Multiple Payment Methods

The customer app provides support for multiple payment methods, including Cash on Delivery (COD) and various digital payment options, allowing customers to choose their preferred way for transactions.

Multiple Payment Methods

The customer app provides support for multiple payment methods, including Cash on Delivery (COD) and various digital payment options, allowing customers to choose their preferred way for transactions.

Set Location

Customers have the option to set their location within the app. It enables them to easily discover nearby stores and items based on location, ensuring a personalized shopping experience.

Order History

Within the customer app, customers can effortlessly access and oversee their current and past orders. This feature helps them to track their purchases and manage their order history conveniently.

Order Tracking

In the order section of the customer app, users can easily track the progress of their orders. This allows them to stay updated on the status of their deliveries in a convenient manner.


With this feature, customers receive special notifications for exclusive deals, flash sales, and other exciting offers, ensuring they never miss out on great opportunities to save and shop.

Search & Filtration

The search bar feature allows customers to find and filter products using tags. It makes the search easier and faster through different categories to find exactly what they're looking for.

Set Location

Customers have the option to set their location within the app. It enables them to easily discover nearby stores and items based on location, ensuring a personalized shopping experience.

Social Login

Users can sign in to the customer app effortlessly by using their social media accounts or Gmail account. It eliminates the need for separate login credentials and makes the process quicker.


In the customer app, customers can easily collect their ordered products directly from the store location if they prefer. It provides them with flexibility and control over their delivery experience.

Wallet & Loyalty Points

Customers earn loyalty points and receive refunds directly in their wallets by achieving specific goals. It enhances their shopping experience and provides added value for their loyalty.


Customers can conveniently save their favorite items from various stores to their wishlists within the customer app, making it effortless to revisit and consider purchasing them later.

Promotion Management

Stores can create and manage coupons using the Promotion Management section. This enables targeted marketing campaigns, discounts, and promotions to engage customers and increase sales.


Store owners gain complete business visibility through a centralized dashboard. It provides a combined view of key metrics and insights elping them to make informed decisions and monitor their stores

Employee Settings

The employee settings feature in the store panel allows sellers to manage their employees efficiently. It provides tools to add, remove, and update employee information, ensuring smooth team management.

Live Chat

Stores have the capability to offer instant support to customers and deliverymen through a live chat feature. This allows for real-time communication, resolving queries, and timely assistance.

POS Section

Stores receive a built-in POS system within their panel, offering a swift billing experience. It simplifies the checkout process, enhances efficiency, and ensures a quick transactional experience.


Every seller has a personal wallet where they can easily track their total earnings, request withdrawals, and manage their financial transactions conveniently, all within one place.


Customers can stay informed about the latest offers & discounts through the banner on website. The banners will be changed automatically if a customer chooses a different module, such as food, grocery, pharmacy, shop, and parcel.

Promo Code

Customers can enjoy discounted prices and save money through amazing coupons and special discounts.

Dark Mode

Customers can choose between light and dark modes for eye comfort and a personalized user experience.

Items Nearby

Customers can easily discover trending products in their area using the location feature in the Customer web app, enabling convenient local shopping.

Module Switching

In the web app, customers can switch between different modules, such as Grocery, Pharmacy, Shop, Food, Parcel, etc.

Multiple Language

In the web app, customers can choose their preferred language, like Urdu, Hebrew, Arabic, and more, for a personalized and user-friendly experience.

Multiple Multiple Payment Methods

Customers have many payment options, such as Cash on Delivery, Wallet, and popular digital payment methods like PayPal, Stripe, bKash, and more.

Schedule Delivery

Using the web app, customers can conveniently choose their preferred delivery dates and times, scheduling deliveries for a personalized delivery experience.

Search & Filter Products

The robust search and product filtering feature allows users to search products using tags, filter products according to attributes, price range, and top-rated, etc.  

Social Login

Users can easily sign in to the customer app using their social media or Gmail accounts, eliminating the need for separate login credentials and save time.

Takeaway Orders

Customers can collect products from store by choosing takeaway option during checkout. They can also filter the stores that offer takeaway orders from the 6amMart Flutter web app and choose their favorite store.

Campaign & Coupons

Using the store app, stores can easily add or delete coupons and effectively manage promotional campaigns. It helps stores to create exciting offers, attract customers, and drive sales.

Dark Mode

The store app allows stores to switch between light and dark modes. It enhances the user experience by allowing them to choose a visual that suits their preferences and provides optimal comfort.

Item Management

With the 6amMart store app, stores can efficiently manage their items., just like using the store panel. This convenient mobile app lets stores update, organize, and track their inventory easily.

Live Chat

From the conversation section of the Store app, stores can instantly provide real-time support and communicate with customers and deliverymen, ensuring efficient and effective interactions.

Customer Reviews

Stores can conveniently monitor customer feedback directly through the app. This enables stores to stay informed about customer satisfaction and make improvements for better customer experiences.


In the store app, stores have a dedicated Wallet section that provides earnings. It allows stores to stay updated on their earnings and manage their financial transactions easily, all within the app.

Cash in Hand

Deliverymen can easily check the total cash they have “on hand” in the app. This feature gives them a clear overview of their current cash balance and ensures efficient cash management.

Account Delete Option

The Deliveryman app provides a convenient account deletion option for users who wish to delete their accounts. This feature simplifies the process and ensures easy account management.

Delivery Dashboard

Deliverymen can conveniently access and review their delivery history directly from the dashboard. This feature allows them to track their past & upcoming deliveries and maintain performance.

Password Recovery

In case the deliveryman forgets their password, he can easily request a password recovery directly from the sign-in page. It ensures quick access to their account without any hassle.

Multi-Store Order Delivery

Deliverymen can handle orders from multiple stores simultaneously through the app. This feature enables them to efficiently manage their deliveries, optimize their routes, and increase their earning.

Online/Offline status

Deliverymen can update their availability status (online/offline) through the app. This feature allows them to control their availability for deliveries and efficiently manage their work schedule.

Order Request Notification

When a customer places an order, nearby deliverymen receive instant notifications. This feature enables quick coordination between customers and deliverymen for quick order fulfillment.

Self Registration

With the Deliveryman app, users can easily do self-registration and begin delivering products. This simplified process allows anyone to join as deliverymen and start their delivery services quickly.

Attractive UI

The 6amMart React user website has the most attractive user interface for conversion, where admin can showcase their business with convenient information, trustable features, and client testimonials.  

Dynamic Search

The 6amMart React website has a dynamic search bar to filter products. The search bar is so powerful that it shows previous search histories and related search suggestions for users to find their desired products easily. 

Easy Module Switching

With the module bar in the right corner of the 6amMart React website, customers can easily switch from one module to another and find their favorite items. The admin can add more modules from the admin panel if needed. 

Fastest Experience

It offers a faster checkout process for a smoother user journey & easy payment process. Users can continue browsing for necessary items from the 6amMart React website within seconds and sign in before checkout. 

Fully Translatable

Users can translate the complete website with one click by choosing their native language from the 6amMart React website. It is multi-language supported with RTL.

Light & Dark Mode

The website has light & dark modes available for better user experience & engagement. Any user visiting the website can instantly change the appearance of a site on any device, such as a desktop, laptop, tab or mobile. 

Live Location

Users can choose live locations from the 6amMart react website to see stores nearby. The 6amMart React website can pick up the user’s live location from any device. Users can also point out their location from Google Maps.

Personalized Experience

The 6amMart React website ensures a personalized shopping experience for customers. The customers can find their favorite products from the dynamic search bar and can keep their favorite products on the wishlist for future purchases. 

Real-time Order Tracking

Customers can track their orders in real-time and see the order progress via the 6amMart React website. So they can assume an estimated delivery time and be prepared to receive the order. 

Secure Payment

Customers can proceed to checkout with a secured payment system that is end-to-end encrypted. This means customers' personal data and information is highly secured in the 6amMart React website. 

Smart Store Filtration

Customers can filter stores from any module according to their delivery preferences, such as home delivery or takeaway. This lets customers know which store offers their preferred delivery options & can order from that store easily. 

Zone-wise Business Setup

With 6amMart, you can choose in which area your business will be effective by simply adding some points on the map. It is unbelievably simple yet a very powerful tool in your hand.

Centralized Business Management

You can have multiple business modules on your 6amMart system, but managing them is simpler than you imagine. One centralized control for managing everything in your entire system.

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