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6amMart v2.7: Cashback to Wallet & Extra Packaging Charge

The 6amMart team brings another exciting news for its existing and new users with the release of version 2.7.  The new version brings a fresh wave of features designed specifically to level up the multi vendor delivery business experience. This update is packed with improvements for everyone involved – admins, stores, and customers alike.

So let’s check all the incredible additions waiting for you at 6amMart! 

Feature Lists of 6amMart v2.7: 

⚙️ Cashback to wallet 

⚙️ Block/Unblock email for users

⚙️ Product-wise prescription handling during checkout 

⚙️ Halal tag option

⚙️ Extra packaging charge

⚙️ Manage POS customer as a regular customer 

⚙️ Module-wise product sorting

⚙️ Discount on first order

⚙️ Brand option for e-commerce

Let’s take a deeper look into these updates below- 

Cashback to wallet

Admins can now reward customers with cashback directly sent to their wallets. Admin has the flexible control to define the cashback type ( percentage or fixed amount), set the campaign duration, and choose customers manually or offer to all users.

If multiple cashback offers are active, customers automatically receive the one with the highest value!

With a cashback offer, there’s a possibility to drive repeat purchases and customer engagement. Also, admins can create targeted campaigns to attract specific customer segments.

Cashback to wallet Feature

Path: Admin Panel> Promotion Management> Cashback

Important Note:  To be eligible for cashback rewards, customers must be registered and have the “wallet option enabled in the system. 

On the customers’ end they will be able to view all the cashback offers on the home page like this ⬇️

Get Reward Feature

Path: Flutter Web App>Home Page 

And when a customer places an order there will be a pop-up message to notify them about the cashback offer with the value details ⬇️

Cashback back after completing order feature

Path: Flutter Web App>Checkout Page 

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Block/Unblock email for users

Now with 6amMart admin has greater control over user accounts. The Block/Unblock functionality allows them to effortlessly manage customer, store, and delivery man access to the platform.

The process is remarkably straightforward. From the customer list, the admin can seamlessly block or unblock customer accounts using the “Active/Inactive” toggle. Likewise, they can block or unblock stores and delivery men in the same manner.

User Block and Unblock email for users feature

Path: Admin Panel> Users>Customer Management>Customers

One thing to mention is that the email templates are customizable. Find the email templates for each user under the “Account Suspend” and “Account Unsuspend” tab.

Account suspend email feature

Path: Admin Panel>System Management>Email Template

Through this feature, the admin can maintain a healthy user base and ensure a positive platform. Each action taken by the admin for this feature triggers an automated email notification to the affected user to keep them informed about their account status. 

Product-wise prescription handling during checkout 

Admins and store owners can now designate specific medicines as “Prescription Required” while adding or updating any item. This option is only available for the “Pharmacy” module.

Product-wise prescription handling during checkout Feature

Path: Admin Panel>Pharmacy Module>Product Management>Product Setup>List>Edit Item 

On the customer’s end, products requiring a prescription will be marked with a “Prescription Required” warning. 

prescription required UX View

Path: Flutter Web App>Pharmacy Module> Item Details 

During checkout, customers attempting to purchase prescription medication will be prompted to upload a clear image of their valid prescription.

Upload prescription during checkout 

Path: Flutter Web Application>Checkout Page 

This feature ensures customers only receive medication with proper authorization. 

Halal tag option

Now you can serve customers seeking halal options through this feature. This feature is only available for the “Grocery” and “Food” modules. 

While adding or updating items, admins, and restaurants/stores can easily check the “Is It Halal” tag for relevant products through the “Item Details” section ⬇️

Halal tag option

Path: Admin Panel>Food Module>Food Management>Food Setup>List>Edit Item 

Products marked as “Halal” will display a Halal-certified logo on the customer-facing product details page.

Halal tag option customer view

Path: Flutter Web Application>Food Module>Item Details

With this feature, you can show a commitment towards inclusivity and customer satisfaction. Customers with certain dietary preferences and requirements will benefit from it.

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Extra packaging charge

With this extra packaging charge feature customers will get their orders delivered in a more secure and presentable way and store owners will be able to generate a few more bucks. 

Admin can define which modules will allow the extra packaging charge option from the business settings. 
Note: This feature is available for the “Grocery”, “Food”, “Pharmacy” and “Ecommerce” modules.

Extra packaging charge

Path: Admin Panel>Business Settings>Order Settings 

Stores have complete control to set the charge and enable/disable this option as per their business requirements. This will be solely the store’s income.

Extra packaging charge amount

Path: Store Panel> Business Section>Store Config 

During checkout, customers can easily choose to add extra packaging for their order with a simple checkbox. The extra packaging charge will be clearly displayed at checkout to help customers make an informed decision while purchasing.

Extra packaging charge product checkout details

Path: Flutter Web Application> Checkout Page 

Manage POS customer as a regular customer

Customers added through the POS system (both by admins and stores) are now automatically treated as regular customers within 6amMart. Newly created POS customers will receive a welcome email with a dummy password. The email will go from the email template section under the “Customer Mail Templates” on the “POS New Customer Registration” tab. 

Admins have the flexibility to enable or disable this feature based on their specific workflow preferences.

Manage POS customer as a regular customer feature

Path: Admin Panel>System Management>Email Template 

Module-wise product sorting

This innovative feature empowers users to personalize their browsing experience and discover products that align with their specific interests. 

After signing up, a one-time pop-up will guide new users through setting their preferred sorting options for each module.

Module-wise product sorting feature

Path: Flutter Web Application>Sign Up 

This personalized sorting ensures that the product listings displayed on the homepage better reflect each customer’s unique preferences.

Discount on first order

Now the referral bonus can be enjoyed on both sides with this amazing update of 6amMart.  Both existing customers sharing their referral code and new users signing up with the code can enjoy this reward. 

Admins have complete control over activating or deactivating the “Customer Can Earn & Buy From Referral” option.

Discount on first order feature

Path: Admin Panel>Business Settings>Customers 

Admins have complete control over the referral program. They can set the “Earning Per Referral USD” value for referring customers. 

Admins can independently enable/disable the referral discount for new users. They can further customize the reward by setting the discount amount, type (percentage or fixed amount ), and duration (validity period).

Customer referral earnings settings

Path: Admin Panel>>Business Settings>Customers

Existing customers can share their unique referral code with friends and family.

Refer and Earn Feature

Path: Flutter Web Application>Menu>Refer & Earn

New users signing up with a referral code receive a warm welcome message highlighting their bonus details ⬇️

New users signing up with a referral code receive a warm welcome message

During their first order checkout, new users will receive a pop-up message confirming the applied referral discount on their order summary.

confirming the applied referral discount on their order summary
confirming the applied referral discount on their order summary-1

Path: Flutter Web Application>Checkout Page 

Brand option for eCommerce

This feature is designed exclusively for the eCommerce or shop module. 

Admins can now categorize products under dedicated brands, giving customers a clear overview of available options. They have the complete freedom to activate or deactivate brands based on specific business needs and policies.

Brand option for eCommerce

Path: Admin Panel>Shop Module>Product Management>Brands 

Customers can easily discover and explore products from their favorite brands with a dedicated “Brand” section on the “Shop” module homepage.

Home page Brand option for eCommerce

Path: Flutter Web Application>Shop Module>Home Page 

This section provides customers with easy access to their favorite brands, enhancing their browsing and shopping experience.

Other Improvements

Here are some other essential improvements that have been done in version 2.7 to ensure a seamless and optimized user experience- 

  • Enhanced User Interface and content across the apps
  • Resolved issues for a smoother experience
  • Improved Queries and Optimized Performance
  • Compatibility with the latest Flutter SDK 3.19.5 

That’s all from this release. Stay tuned to get all the latest release news and updates before anyone.