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Mobile Application

Update #

If you want to update with the latest version from the previous version then find out the changed files that are attached with every update. The name of the folder like: App changes from V1.0 to V1.1. In this folder, you will get files directory-wise. Just replace them in those directories.


You can not switch from very older version to newer version. You can switch from previous version to new version

Update after Customisation#

If you customized something on the code and want to update to our latest version follow any option given below:


First, push your code on a git branch. Then download our project code from codecanyon and push it to another branch. And at last marge both branch, and it is possible to get conflict on branch. Resolve it carefully.

We provided changed files directory-wise with our every update. You have to replace them with your code. Remember that it may conflict with your customization. If you customize something on a file and we changed something on the same file then merge those codes carefully.

Download updated files from codecanyon and do your customization again.


You have to be a developer in that case. If something goes wrong, we won’t be responsible for that.