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If you encounter a CORS issue on your server, it might hinder the proper functioning of your application. To resolve this, watch this video:

In case your Flutter application is not functional, it could indicate an inconsistency between the application version and the Flutter SDK version. To resolve this, execute the following steps:

  • Use the “flutter doctor” command in the terminal to check the Flutter SDK version of your project and identify any related errors.
  • The App Version and Flutter SDK version specified in Codecanyon must match the versions installed into your project for seamless compatibility.

If you encounter issues with map key restrictions, follow these steps to resolve them:

  • Generate separate Map API keys for the Client and Server if you intend to apply restrictions. Otherwise, it won’t work. 
  • Alternatively, if you generate a public Google Maps API key, you can use the same key for both the Client and Server.

Ensure that the versions of the Admin Panel and Mobile App match to prevent errors from occurring.

If the user is not receiving notifications from the admin panel, yet is still receiving notifications for order placements, it is suggested not to modify the value of: 

lib/utils/ appconstants.dart -> topic

The initial loading of data on the web may take longer due to the Flutter framework, but subsequent loading times will be much quicker once the data is cached.

For optimal performance, consider using:

– A fast and reliable server

– A stable and fast internet connection