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Landing Page Customization #

The default landing page serves as the initial point of entry for visitors. Through the admin panel, users have the ability to customize this landing page to better suit their needs.  One customization option involves specifying a redirection link. This enables users to direct visitors away from the default landing page to another designated webpage or destination, effectively altering the path of navigation.  Alternatively, users can upload custom code scripts, which then dictate the rendering and functionality of the landing page. This allows for a more comprehensive transformation of the landing page, encompassing visual design elements, interactive features, and other bespoke functionalities.

Translate admin panel  #

For translating your admin and vendor panel go to this file: resources/lang/en/messages.php and change all the value of each key( ‘key’=>’:variable value’) . Please don’t change any key or variable. A variable is word which starts with a “:”, it can be placed after the value or inside a value like ‘config\your\account’=>’Config your :method account’, here :method is a variable and config\your\account is a key. You can change the position of variable inside a value but you can’t remove it.


Please note: “:” after a word is not a variable like: ‘(Ex: Test Label)’ => ‘(Ex: Test Label)’ here “Ex:” not a variable 

Form the Admin panel

Form the Message.php file