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6amMart v2.8: Subscription Model & 3rd Party Storage

Great news for all 6amMart users! The team 6amMart announces the release of version 2.8, packed with exciting new features designed to enhance your eCommerce experience. 

This update brings advantages to all the stakeholders of the system – especially the store owners and customers. The new updates offer greater flexibility, improved customer interaction, and efficient storage solutions. 

Feature List of 6amMart v2.8:

⚙️Subscription-Based Store Model with Dynamic Package and Free Trial

⚙️Store Reply to Reviews from the Review List

⚙️Amazon S3 Integration for Scalable Storage

Let’s take a closer look at the updates: 

Subscription Based Store Model with Dynamic Package and Free Trial

Stores can now subscribe to any packages within 6amMart to run their business on the platform. It’s an additional option besides the commission model. With a subscription, stores pay a set fee instead of a commission on each order.

From the admin panel, the admin can “Add Subscription Package” by providing detailed package information.

1-add subscription package

Path: Admin Panel > Settings > Subscription Management > Subscription Package

Admin can manually set the package price, validity, feature availability, and maximum order & product limit for each package they create. Also, they can change the active status of a package. In that case, the admin will switch the stores under that package into a new one.

2-subscription package details - admin

Path: Admin Panel > Settings > Subscription Management > Subscription Package (Details)

To make things easier for Admin, there is also a “Subscriber List” option that holds detailed data like – Total subscription uses, Under Trial period or not, Have canceled the package or not.

3-subscription plan overview

Path: Admin Panel > Settings > Subscription Management > Subscriber List

Admin has the control to offer a “Free Trial” along with dynamically setting the “Free Trial Period”. 

Admins can set a countdown warning before a subscription ends through the “Show Deadline Warning”. The “Return Money Restriction” option lets admins set rules for refunds. Depending on how long a store has used the subscription, they may or may not get their money back.

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If a store changes plans and has used its current plan beyond a certain percentage, it won’t receive a refund. Otherwise, the refund is adjusted with the new plan or added to their wallet.

4-subscription settings

Path: Admin Panel > Settings > Subscription Management > Settings (Subscription Settings) 

Stores can choose between the subscription and commission models when signing up on 6amMart. If they select the subscription model, they’ll pick a package that suits their business needs and budget.

5-store- subscription base signup
6-store- subscription base signup package choosing

Path: Store Registration

If the “Free Trial” option is enabled, stores will see it in the application process, they can either choose – 

  • A business plan and pay immediately or 
  • Continue with a Free Trial option
7-store application - free tiral

Path: Store Registration

Stores choosing the free trial will see a countdown of the remaining trial days on their dashboard.

8-store- free trial countdown

Path: Store Panel > Dashboard 

9-store - free trial countdown end
10-store - free trial countdown pop up

They’ll receive a notification and a pop-up message when the trial ends.

11-subscriber list

Path: Store Panel > Dashboard 

If a store opts for a subscription plan directly, its panel will show an overview with options to change, renew, or cancel the subscription. Stores can easily change or renew their subscription plan from their dashboard.

13-store-change and renew subscription plan

Path: Store Panel > My Business Plan

14-item reviews - store reply

Path: Store Panel > My Business Plan

Store Reply to Reviews from the Review List

Stores can now reply to customer reviews directly. They will see a list of reviews with dates and an action button to “give” or “view reply.”

15-item reviews details - store reply

Path: Store Panel > Item Reviews

The review IDs are auto-generated by the system to help track them anytime. Also, stores can edit the feedback in case of any typos or miscommunication. 

This feature helps them directly communicate with the audience about a particular product to resolve any improvement issue or make customers feel their opinions matter. 

However, this reply option must be activated from the admin panel.

16-admin panel- permission to reply

Path: Admin Panel > Business Settings > Stores

The admin can view both customer reviews and store replies. They can also control review visibility using the “Action” toggle.

18-admin- review visbility action toggle

Path: Admin Panel > Product Setup > Review 

Amazon S3 Integration for Scalable Storage

To provide top-notch scalability, data availability, security, and performance, 6amMart has introduced the Amazon S3 integration feature. integrated Amazon S3. Admins can switch between local storage and third-party storage by enabling or disabling the “Storage Connection Settings.”

Amazon S3 Integration for Scalable Storage

Path: Admin Panel > System Settings > 3rd Party > Storage Connection

Other Improvements

In version 2.8, several other key upgrades have been implemented to guarantee a streamlined and optimized user experience- 

  • Bug Fixes
  • Query Improvements and Performance Optimization
  • Flutter App Compatibility with SDK 3.22.1

That’s all the information for this release. Stay tuned for the latest release news and updates before anyone else.